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We love weddings!

We'll send you two top-notch video cameras, you get two mates to film your wedding and while you're on honeymoon we'll professionally edit a programme that you, your family and friends will want to watch again and again!


Because there will be no strangers at your wedding!

We suggest earmuffs for infants and also young kids due to the fact that they are simple to keep an eye on and also do absent a choking hazard. Ear muffs may also be appropriate for older children. Lately there has actually been an uptake in making use of best ear protections for babies with noise level of sensitivity concerns including youngsters with autism spectrum disorders. Numerous parents have reported discovering their youngster locates it much easier to examine and execute far better on examinations using ear muffs.

Your mates operating the cameras are also guests - no one will feel shy, so they will be able capture everything in all its natural glory; getting dressed before the ceremony, stuff at the church before you arrive and after you leave and of course all the smoochy bits! Fun and romance are what you'll remember! These crocks come in several bright colors but I chose this alabaster bright and I recently like it! Change out the water every 3 days. I brought my crock home, and i love butter crocks, filled it with butter and left it on the counter. I tried it in this week but forgot to the change the water. Then I baked fresh bread and asked my Primary bread eater if he needed a piece of fresh, hot bread right out of the range slathered with butter. At this point many of you may roll your eyes and wondering where I have been all my preparing life. But, sorry to say I did not know about these wonder crocks !

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All of the other wedding video companies offer a confusing amount of options that ultimately add up to a lot of money (if you want a second camera, you pay more, if you want your programme quicker than a 3 month turn around, you pay more and if you want the programme loaded to a website, guess what? With other companies you pay more!).


Preferably, what you observe we have found precisely how much motivation and encouragement are interior jobs. You dont want to need to depend on people or perhaps external scenarios to be able to lumination your own shoot intended for you. Rather, discover how to become motivated person and drive your very own links and motivate yourself by using skill.

And because every bride wants to look top notch - especially on telly, we will also provide a direct design consultation plus a totally customised wedding dress design by world-renowned wedding dress designer, PAULA ® - ready for your favourite dress maker to turn your dream to reality!

There are many involving technological features connected with the cameras in our own smartphones, hence here is a easy lock up training course to clarify a basics on smartphones camera test. How big is a sensor vs the amount of pixels has a major influence on impression high quality.Smartphone sensors are incredibly small. In case you cramp alot of pixels on this kind of sized sensor image high quality will need a success , they've received better. Hence a camera phone sensor can supply you with better impression high quality having fewer pixels.

Our policy is to offer all of the above for one, easy to buy price. Click here to find out more! 

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Step By Step Guide

  • You book your dates with us.
  • Two days before your wedding, we send you two, easy to use cameras, complete with batteries and memory cards.
  • Your mates film your wedding. 
  • The day after, we collect our cameras. 
  • Two weeks later, your video is complete, with your choice of music and funky graphics!
  • If you decide to have PAULA ® design your dress, simply fill out our consultation form. After one follow up call, your custom wedding dress design is ready two weeks after booking your video!
Testimonial - Andy & Sheree

Testimonial Andy & Sheree

Our Wedding Day in January was wonderful. All our guests had a great time and everything was just perfect.

Makes a Nice Wedding Video arrived the night before with a rather large flight case containing the camera kit. They had already sent us some shooting tips for our volunteer camera operators Jasper and Phil. We handed the kit over to them and hoped for the best, not really sure what to expect¦.

We waited for our video to arrive and couldn't wait to see the finished edit.
We were definitely not disappointed we watched the short version first. The highlights of the day were captured beautifully.
The full version was even better not too long and with all the key parts of the day put together exceptionally well. We were really happy with the results.

Having your guests to film your wedding may sound a bit strange, but it makes a real difference when the person behind the camera is a friend or family member people tend to be more relaxed and natural.
The editing of the finished video was slick, professional and finished surprisingly quickly.

We would happily recommend Makes a Nice Wedding Video to anyone thinking of having one!

Thanks for everything!
Andy & Sheree